Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences will be held on:

  • Tuesday, October 17 from 3:00PM-7:45PM
  • Wednesday, October 18 from 3:00PM-7:45PM
  • Thursday, October 19from 7:15AM-11:45AM

Conferences will be by appointment only on Tuesday and Wednesday. To schedule your appointment please visit If you do not have internet access, you can call the Main Office at 563-552-4800 to schedule your student’s conferences. A link to our conference scheduler can also be found on our website

We realize the length for each conference is relatively short. Short conferences are necessary because most middle school teachers see approximately 125 different students in their classes. Short conferences provide an efficiency that is effective for most families. If you feel that you need more time than what we have allocated, please call or email your student’s Homebase teacher and he/she will schedule it with you.
When scheduling your conferences:

  • Schedule conferences for one block of time by house on Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • If your student takes a class in another house, please “drop in” after your regularly scheduled house conferences.
  • Social Studies, Specialists, Performing Arts, and Special Education teachers are available all three days on a drop in basis.
  • Conferences on Thursday morning are on drop-in basis only and will take place in each teacher’s classroom. This is more of a casual opportunity to converse with the teachers.
  • Please bring your student to conferences with you.
  • Please stop by the office upon arriving to pick up your student’s Progress Report.

We look forward to discussing your child’s progress towards meeting his/her learning goals.

Thanks for all you do to support your student,

Mark Burns