7th Grade Poetry Resources

Introduction to Poetry by Billy Collins
Ode to an Artichoke Lesson
Poetic Devices (Click here for SoftChalk Lesson)

Poetry Devices Completed by teacher 
-Speaker and voice (Click Here for Video Lesson)
-Extended metaphor (Click Here to View the Lesson)
-Imagery (appealing to the five senses)

Devices and Terms Completed by students

Sound Devices
-Rhyme/Rhyme Scheme


Figurative Language

Poetry Form

Presentations must include:  

  • definition from the book
  • definition translated into teenager
  • provide three examples found in poems
  • create an original example of the literary device
  • explain the examples

During presentations, students need to record the meanings on their notes sheet.

Found Poem Rubric Haiku Rubric Free Verse Rubric
Narrative Poem Rubric Lyric Poem Rubric Ode Rubric