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  • It's time to sign up for the Battle of the Books! You can have up to five people on your grade-alike team. If you want to be on a team but don't have 3-4 other people to sign up with you, no worries. Sign yourself up, and we'll find a team for you. The school battle will take place on Thursday, March 10. Winning grade level teams will advance to the district battle on April 29.
  • Parents, if you have been hearing your student/s talk about Canvas, and would like to observe your student's courses that use Canvas, you can create a parent account and become an observer of your student.

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    Did you know that each house has a Facebook page too? That's right! You can follow your student's house on Facebook. Be sure to LIKE your student's house Facebook page today.

    GWMS House Facebook Pages:
    GWMS House 6-1 Pioneers

    GWMS House 6-2 Crew

    GWMS House 7-1 Sherpas

    GWMS House 7-2 Stingrays

    GWMS House 8-1 Knights

    GWMS House 8-2 Dragons

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