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LEAP Activities

LEAP programming at Washington Middle School is funded by the 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant from the Iowa Department of Education. Learn more at: www.dbqschools.org/leap

Washington LEAP activities are offered:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons
from 3-4:30 p.m.

Here are a few upcoming activities…


Students will meet in the attendance office right after school. They’ll grab a free snack and head to the location of the LEAP activity.

When the program concludes at 4 p.m., students exit from the main entrance on Grandview Avenue.

Complete the Parent Permission Form (PDF) and have your student return it to the attendance office. Students can’t participate without this form on file for 2018-2019.

Each month, students will have the opportunity to sign-up for LEAP activities in their school’s attendance office. Remember, it’s expected that students attend all sessions offered for each activity. Students will sign-in each day so we can keep participate records, but we won’t monitor daily attendance – so there is no need to let us know if for some reason your student can’t make it.

Students will be held to the same conduct standards as they are during the school day. Failure to follow established rules may result in loss of participation.

Contact the attendance office or guidance counselor. Or, reach out to district LEAP facilitator Jackie Lambe at 563/552-3130 or jlambe@dbqschools.org.