School History


Our Mission:    To develop each student’s learning potential in a caring environment.

Our Values:    Respect, Learning, Caring, Community and Excellence.

Our Core Rules:    Ask Questions, Listen, Try, Do Your Best, Be on Time, Be Prepared, and Get Help.

GWMS has been serving Dubuque since the 1923-24 school year.  We work hard to provide appropriate experiences by way of courses, activities and co-curricular functions that will stimulate your interests and talents.  As stated in our Mission Statement, we are dedicated to help you realize your full potential.

The purpose of middle level education is to improve student achievement.  The most effective way to continuously improve achievement is through creation of high expectations for social, behavior and academics.  Teachers promote young adolescent development by teaching them to think creatively, identify and solve meaningful problems, communicate and work with others while developing a base of factual knowledge as a foundation to higher order thinking.  A secondary goal of middle school is to help student’s lead healthy and productive lives by teaching students to care, be compassionate, tolerant individuals.

During your years at Washington we urge you to develop new friendships, explore more about yourself as a person, and learn to use your privileges wisely and fulfill your responsibilities as a student.

Best wishes for a good year!

Faculty and Staff of George Washington Middle School