Mindfulness Resources

You choose the scene and sounds to bring clarity and peace to your mind.
One you select a scene, you can explore the BEGIN button to set a timer
or select a guided meditation.
Do As One Universal Breathing Room
Simply synchronize your breathing to calm your thoughts. You can customize the color, timer, chimes, audio and visual backgrounds, musical background to make it a really personal and enjoyable experience.
 The Free Mindfulness Project
Length: 3 to 45 minutes
Meditation styles: Mindfulness, healing, gratitude, body scan, moving.
 Mindfulness for Teens
11 guided meditations ranging from 3 to 30 minutes.
Sun Salutation Song
Play “Dance for the Sun” and display the lyrics that explain the movements for a Sun Salutation. A great way to wake up your body and mind.Sun Salutation Video
Students leading 3 Sun Salutations to help you get calm and focused.
This is Sand
Thisissand is a unique playground for creating and sharing amazing sandscapes on your computer or mobile device.Start pouring away to experience this special sand piling on your screen! So relax and have fun pouring some sand or be mindful and create a unique sandscape.
 UCLA Meditation
Length: 3 to 12 minutes
Meditation styles: Loving kindness, mindfulness, sleep.